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CA Game Wardens


​Game Wardens are proud to be fully sworn officers of California's first statewide law enforcement agency.  By 1871, California citizens and legislators understood full well the value of California's vast and diverse fish, wildlife, ecosystems, and natural resources.  California remains a leader in all things environmental, but Warden pay, benefits, and representation have not kept pace with increased responsibilities and increased risk  ...



​The California Fish and Game Wardens' Association (CFGWA) is a 501 (c)(5) tax exempt labor organization comprised of rank and file CDFW Law Enforcement personnel.  Like all CA peace officers, Wardens have a complex and dangerous profession.  CFGWA needs your help to continue advocating for California's finest natural resource law enforcement professionals  ...

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California Game Wardens fill a vital role throughout the state.  Many miles out at sea, in the marshes of the Delta, high in the Sierra Nevada’s, deep in the coastal redwoods, all along the coastline, the vast expanse of California’s deserts, or downtown Los Angeles – Game Wardens proactively search for resource criminals and all threats to public safety across the entirety of the state  ...

"Every Game Warden is a beat cop, a detective, a teacher, and an advocate for conservation."

Nick Buckler, CFGWA President

The California Fish and Game Wardens' Association (CFGWA) advocates for Game Wardens and their mission across a variety of topics.  Take a few minutes to learn more about how you can help us fulfill our mission to increase awareness of Game Wardens' issues in light of their expanding roles and responsibilities, their increased risk and demand, and their continued dedication to protecting all of California.

California's Thin Green Line
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