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Game Wardens work diligently and risk their lives everyday to protect California's citizens, visitors, and their wildlife, watersheds, and natural resources.

Unlike many other high-profile, high-demand CA state law enforcement officers, Game Wardens are required to have at least 2 years of college credits to apply, many Wardens have Bachelor's or Master's Degrees.  This means Wardens come to their law enforcement career with increased educational debt.


However, Game Wardens base salary and employment incentives do not match their value to, their demand by , or their mission for all of California.  Many new Game Wardens and their families qualify for W.I.C and other subsidies.  Do you know any other fully-sworn CA peace officers who do?


CFGWA and our members need your help to succeed. 


As long as new Game Wardens have to rely on W.I.C. to support their families, they cannot focus on their job.


As long as veteran Game Wardens earn $40,000 less than other high-demand, high-profile CA state law enforcement officers, they cannot fulfill their mission.


As long as Game Wardens statewide are forced to choose between their families and much needed overtime to compete with the starting base pay of many other local and state law enforcement agencies, they cannot provide adequate service.



California citizens, visitors, and legislators agree that Game Wardens deserve higher salaries for their high-risk, high-demand law enforcement work.


California is the most populous state in the U.S., and the 7th largest economy in the world.  California is a leader in all things environmental.  Yet, California still pays their Wildlife Officers substantially less than other high-profile, high-demand CA state peace officers.


California still has the lowest number of Wardens per capita of any North American state or province.  As of 2014, there were 264 field level Game Wardens.  They continue to be underfunded and lack support staff and resources of other larger agencies. 


Before the Warden-staffing problem can be recitifed, the Warden-pay problem needs to be addressed. 


Each year Game Wardens leave CDFW for higher paying jobs with other local or state law enforcement. 


It is time to complete the first mission of CFGWA, which has been supported by numerous consumptive and non-consumptive organizations and by the CA Legislature -- increase Game Warden salaries and incentives.


California's safety are resources are worth much more.





Game Wardens do not create the laws and regulations they enforce.


Game Wardens did not make California the most populous state in the U.S.A.


Game Wardens do so much with so little, and truly believe in their mission to protect the safety of California's citizens, visitors, and natural resources.


Game Wardens work from home, work alone, far from back up, risking their lives to protect California.


Game Wardens are equipped to handle any public safety or natural disaster issue they encounter, and are well-respected within California's law enforcement community.


Game Wardens deserve a salary that matches their value, their mission, their demand, and their daily risk.


Help CFGWA now.

Please contact :


Your county supervisors,


CA Assembly-members,


CA Senators,


CA Governor


--let them know how much your safety, your wildlife, watersheds, and natural resources are worth;


--let them know you support California's Game Wardens.

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