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Interesting CA Info



California has the 7th largest economy in the world, and is regarded as a worldwide leader on environmental protection. 

Did you know "the Golden State" pays their Game Wardens 35% less than other high-demand CA state peace officers?  Game Wardens are the first, best, and sometimes only line of public safety and environmental protection in California.  These fully sworn peace officers are truly in the field each day risking their lives to protect CA's wildlife, watersheds, habitat, and public safety .


At around 160,000 square miles, California is the 3rd largest state in the U.S.  The average CA Game Warden covers approximately 700 square miles and 144,000 citizens on average.  However, with days off and vacation, coupled with CA's huge tourist industry, this number can double quickly. 


California has--


--the highest population of any state in the USA, nearly 40 million residents


--the responsibility to pay their Game Wardens at the same level of other high-demand, high-profile CA state peace officers


--the lowest number of Game Wardens per capita in North America.


--the highest species diversity in the United States


--the highest number of endemic (native) species in the United States


--the fewest # of Game Wardens per capita of any US State or Canadian Province


--~1,100 miles of coastline


--3,000+ named lakes


--211,000+ miles of rivers


--citizens, tourists, wildlife, watersheds, and habitat that deserve highly-skilled, highly-motivated Game Wardens


--Game Wardens that deserve a salary level that matches their high-demand, high-risk, statewide mission


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